My Pre-Workout Routine

My Pre-Workout Routine….


Simple stupid your pre-workout routine is what you do before your training session for the day, for the sake of this article we will talk about pre-workout nutrition.


This involves anything you are eating or drinking pre-workout before you enter your quest to get ripped like Rambo or whatever your goal for the day may be.


I have been intermittent fasting for years; I am a huge fan of fasting for numerous reasons a few of them you can find here


Now with that said I rarely eat before my training, I simply feel better training on an empty stomach however there are always expectations but 95% of the time I train fasted and love it.


If I ingest anything prior to training it is typically one of the 3 items you see below…



  1. 4 shots espresso with almond milk – I am sucker for lattes it gives me a nice kick in the face to wake me up as I usually get out of bed around 4:00am – this would probably be my #1 pre-workout choice, but at $7 a pop it’s not the most economical pre-workout choice and it requires a barista or kick ass coffee shop close by.


  1. My 2nd favorite option is the Surge from MRI – lemonade flavor is my favorite not only does it taste great and easy to mix but it also gives a nice boost of caffeine as well. With the added NO blend and Beta Alanine it’s just enough to get your face tingling and keep you moving through your workout. Check it out here


  1. My 3rd and final pre-workout option is the Beta Charge from MRI as well, often times I might even pair this with my 4 shots of espresso –since the Beat Charge is stimulant free. It’s also a great option for those of you who train later in the day as well, since it won’t keep you up after your workout. Now if you are talking about “feeling” the kick – this will have your whole body tingling face-lips-and everything in between – check it out here



I might throw in a few BCAA Plus caps from PROLAB and occasionally add a scoop of protein powder as well if need be before training. For the most part I keep it simple easy and quick.


Often times we overcomplicate the training and nutrition, at the end of the day find something you enjoy taking that helps you kick ass during your workouts. Give these a try and see how you guys like them, I would love to hear your feedback!



 Jeremy Scott MRI/PROLAB Athlete 

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