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Skydiving & Success Jeremy Scott 

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Another bucket list item down about 865 more to go before I hopefully kick the bucket… 

For a long time Heather and I have talked about going skydiving, but travel, work, personal and other scheduling issues delayed it time and time again. 


Until this past weekend when we made it a MUST to get it done and mark it off our bucket list together. 

It was exactly what I expected it to be, you get in a plane, you fly up about 10,000 feet, you open the door, you jump, shit your pants and land on the ground safe and sound. 


When I train I always say to myself “either you life the weight or you don’t” same concept when I was up in the sky “either you jump or you don’t”

I would 100% do it again and I will most certainly be jumping out of more planes in the future. 

It brings me to the point of this blog……


There is a Kick Ass Life and Success waiting for all of you just on the other side of everything you are scared of! Just living outside your comfort zone is a the life you have always dreamed of living, all you have to do is get over the FEAR and go grab it!


This isn’t just about jumping out of a plane, this is about your health, your fitness, your career, your family, and your dreams all of these things require you to go beyond your comfort zone!

You need to trust in the process – You must take a leap of faith in yourself and know that you can make all your dreams become a reality. 

That’s the difference between the guy who talks about skydiving and how bad ass the experience was and the guy who just wishes he did it.


It reminds me of this quote I read long ago……

“In every industry, there is an edge. In your business or personal life, it doesn’t matter, somewhere, there is a cliff. Most people don’t want to get to close to it, because they’re afraid they’ll fall off.

Thing is, the edge is where all the cool stuff happens.” ~ Julien Smith


Think about it as you look at your own life, and where exactly you are, where you want to go, and who you want to be. Success is waiting for you in any arena – you just have to decide how far you are willing to jump for it.


Now if you want to see me go from gangster to screaming like a little kid this video should bring you a little joy and a few laughs! I would say about 1:58 seconds in until about 2:58 seconds in – you get the idea of what this is really like!!! 

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone to get what you want? 

Are you ready to Make Success Mandatory in your Life? 


Jeremy Scott

Make Success Mandatory

Jeremy Scott Fitness

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