5 Steps to Get Rich Fast

5 Steps to Get Rich Fast by Jeremy Scott

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Welcome, I am about to tell you in 5 quick-easy-simply steps how to get rich and more important for many of you how to get rich fast!

Now before we begin I want to make something clear being rich and having a lot of money are two totally different things in my opinion.

Let me repeat that in case you didn’t catch it “Being rich and having a lot of money are two totally different things in my opinion.”

Now some folks will disagree with me on this and say they are exactly the same, and to each their own I am not here to change anyone’s mind.

I wanted to simply share my ideas of what being rich is in this world.

Now that we have that straight lets get into the 5 Steps to Get Rich Fast


Step 1 – Stop putting your life and your happiness on pause.


Is there something you are waiting to do; write a book, start a business, take a trip, maybe learn a new skill, anything at all you are putting off for any reason…


Let’s stop the waiting today, take a minute right now and start working towards that event, trip, skill, and thing you are avoiding starting for whatever reason. Trust me your time is running out and running out fast!


Don’t get stranded on “someday” island wishing you would have done more with your time and your life…..


Step 2- Let go of everything that doesn’t make you happy including people.


Let go of the things that don’t bring you happiness, like chasing meaningless status in society and new material possessions those things come and go and lose their shiny new excitement often seconds after you recieve them. 


Let go of people who are dragging you down, this includes all negative people who don’t life you up, respect you, or add value to your life. These people prevent you from growing, living, and being happy day after day.


Replace these material possessions with experiences and replace these negative relationships by surrounding yourself with a positive, awesome, supportive community of folks.


“You can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you.” Read that last sentence again and think on it for a minute…..


Step 3 – Donate something every single day of your life.


I am talking about looking inside your home and pick one item each day maybe it’s clothes, book, toys, shoes, games…..

Don’t have anything material to give? Try giving the most important thing you can every give anyone…… your time.


The secret to living is giving – a life with out giving is an empty life.

If you don’t want to volunteer in the community start right inside your circle with your family we all have a family member of two who could use our help.


If you are not giving back and contributing to the world you aren’t growing and when things are not growing they are dying, you my friends are no different. 


You don’t need a reason to share, donate or give back – I can promise you if you follow through on this you will feel richer than you ever have in your entire life. You will reach a new all-time high level of growth personally.


Step 4 – Know who you are and want you truly want in life.


What is important to you in your life?


I am asking you what are the most important things to you in this life?

If you really have it figured out you will soon realize the most things in life are not really things at all….

Lets go down the list what matters most to you today? 


The car you drive

The amount of cash in the back

The square footage of your home

The purse you carry –jewelry- material possessions

The zip code you live in

Your job title


Or do you value things like…


Your relationships

Your experiences

Your happiness

Your time

Your contribution and service to the world


To answers these questions you must know what your core values are, you must know who you are deep down inside, what makes you feel alive, what excites you,

Ponder the question – Would you be happy on your death bed with the way you have lived your life up to this point? Would you be happy with the way tou spent your time. 


What’s more important how you spend your time?


Or how you spend your money?


Think about it…. and look in the mirror, look deep inside yourself –do you know what you really want most of from your life?



Step 5 – Create a Real Bucket List and actually make it happen.


Simple-easy- and most people will never physically write or type out a bucket item list they wish to complete before they leave this planet. Even many people who write it out, never set out to actually make it happen.  

So I ask you…

Find 10-20 things you MUST do before you leave this earth and start giving these items real dates and deadlines to ensure you make them happen. If you don’t I can promise you before you know it your life will have passed you by without even scratching the surface of these “dreams” or bucket items.


It’s not enough to just make the list – you MUST go out and make these things come alive.


If you don’t set specific timelines it will take forever for you to make these dreams happen and last time I checked you don’t have forever at best you have between 10,000- 20,000 days at most to make it happen…..


If you set a date of 2 years to complete a bucket item, odds are it will take you 2 years. If you set the date for 6 months from today – it will get done 6 months from today…..if you never set a date, well you see the trend here. 


When you give something a specific time deadline you set the intention you make it a MUST to be completed by that time. Which ultimately creates a path for you to achieve everything you set out to do.


After all isn’t that the point of making a list to actually go out and make it happen? 


BONUS Steps~

Some bonus tips on how to live richer than you ever thought possible….


Always be….






A role model

A Badass






And awesome…..you can’t ever to be too awesome so always be that!



I hope you guys took away a few things from this, and if you enjoyed this post checkout “Make Success Mandatory” or leave us your info below so we can keep giving and sharing awesome info with you week after week! 

Jeremy Scott -Jeremy Scott Fitness

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