Less Is More….

Less Is More by Jeremy Scott Fitness 


Sometimes less is more, take a ride with me for a second as I explain….

Think of your life with Less……

Less Debt

Less Stress

Less Drama

Less Problems

Less Material Stuff

Less Obligations

Less Distractions

You get the idea here…..


Now think of a Life with More…..

More Free Time

More Adventure

More Fun

More Growth

More Realtionships that matter

More Passion

More “Social Capital” – Real Internal Wealth….


If that sounds like something you want, YOU have the power to make that life happen.


Think about your life….

Are you chasing your dreams?

Are you living your dreams?

Or are you just going through the motions taking life as it is presented to you, following the masses, trying to keep up with the “Joneses”…..

Often times we get lost…

We forget about what truly matters in life….

We get off track, confused, and use our time chasing things that really don’t mean anything to us…

If you feel like anything above describes you and your life, I think this great little book below can help guide you in the right direction…… or at least get you started on the road to a life where less is truly more!



I also know of another awesome book that can help you guys as well……but I assume you have already bought the one below, just in case you haven’t yet….. checkout the shamelss self promotion below to take your life to another level. 



Someone else is happy with less than what you have….

Smile your life kicks ass!

Jeremy Scott 

Make Success Mandatory Author 

Scottsdale Personal Trainer – Jeremy Scott Fitness 


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