Damage Control Thanksgiving Day

The Thanksgiving Day DAMAGE CONTROL Workout

Jeremy Scott Fitness – Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

Ok guys here it is our 5th Annual Thanksgiving Day “Damage Control” Workout that will be brutally tough, I know I always say “easy day” but not Thursday so be prepared! – Like always there are multiple progressions for all ability levels.

Like I said it’s our 5th Annual Thanksgiving Day Workout!

When: 8am at Jeremy Scott Fitness just a $10 Drop-In Fee

(free for Jeremy Scott Fitness members) – we will be at the counter if there are questions

Thanksgiving Flyer14

This is open to the public, so please bring as many family and friends as you can round up that are in town visiting. The worst thing you can do is nothing and then sit around and eat all day then go to sleep!

You can’t out run the massive amount of food you will be eating but you can prepare your body for some of this overload with a MONSTER workout.

A Serious Damage Control Workout Before The Big Feast!

This is bad ass workout is made specifically for this special occasion ONLY.

It’s meant to maximally torch calories, boost metabolism, and deplete muscle glycogen stores that will go a long way to allowing room for some holiday treats!

It will be a once-in-a-lifetime workout to remember that you can share with any interested friends and family- all you need to do is show up with $10 cash and be ready to work your ass off for 35-40 minutes.

Once again……

What? Damage Control Workout – 35-40 Minutes of intense training

When? Thanksgiving Day 8am 

Who? OPEN to anyone who doesn’t want to gain worthless weight and feel like a lazy bum!

It’s a 35-40 minute investment in your whole Holiday weekend –so get your ass in here challenge yourself and enjoy the rest of the Holiday!!!

Kick Ass and see you all Thursday morning ready to do this!!!

Jeremy Scott -Jeremy Scott Fitness

Scottdale Personal Trainer 

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