Athlete Success Story ~ Missy Rumple

Recently we asked one of our bad ass athletes to share her success story her name is Missy Rumple!



I started at JSF the first week of December 2012 after seeing the scale at Thanksgiving hit 206 (and 40% body fat). [My average adult weight in my 20s was around 170lbs and size 10/12).

This was a turning point that I finally realized this was not just a “bad scale” that clearly had to be “wrong.” Denial, it was staring me in the face. This was an all-time high for me in my 5’4” frame. I love fashion, and size 14/XL clothes were getting tight.

Now I’m a size 2/4, XS/S, 27 jeans, fluctuating mid 140s weight and 15% body fat. I lost a majority of the weight (fat) the first year and significant toning with leaner muscle mass the second year. [I weigh a few pounds more now than this time in 2013, but I am 9% less body fat and smaller clothing size]


It wasn’t that I ever ate “bad” or even liked junk food or fast food. It wasn’t that I was incredibly lazy either. I worked full time 40-60 hours and finished my doctorate, two masters, and two bachelors by 28 years old while sleeping 3-6 hours a night from August 2004 to May 2012.

When I had any minute of spare time not at work or school, I would be socializing with friends and family or on vacations. This usually included drinking, and I’m not talking two drinks. I have yo-yo dieted, spent time in the gym on and off, had an eating disorder in junior high, and took high dose steroids in elementary school for an illness.

This has always been a battle for me, and it always will be a journey, not a destination. What changed that made this a permanent lifestyle change two years ago for me was a living social to JSF. The mindset, the motivation, the inspiration, the push, the desire, the results.


Now I work full time in child neurogenetics and teach Masters college courses part time, but I always work out. Every day. Most days twice. Sometimes it’s only 20-30 minutes, other days it’s 3 hours.

I switch up my activities – lifting at the gym, hiking, trail running, rock wall climbing, tennis, racquet ball, running organized races/fun runs, yoga, JSF, bike rides, my own HIITs that I make up, or Pinterest exercises. Each exercise has its own benefits, and depending on what my body needs that day, that is what I do. Yoga is my center and recovery.

When I started at JSF, I could barely do the warm up or hold a plank for 30 seconds, let alone run one mile straight. I’m running my second half in January, and this coming week have a 15K on 12.7.14 and 12K on 12.13.14 as training. I hated running, now it’s a release.

I track everything I eat. Sometimes I drink wine, but not a few glasses most nights – a few glasses a month or special occasions. I avoid processed foods and unnecessary sugars. I read nutrition labels on everything. I eat a lot real whole foods. I eat a lot at home or at places like Grabba Green or True Foods. I eat a lot of greens and a lot of protein.

I follow my macros (if you’re unfamiliar with what these are, talk to Jeremy). I was really strict with these in 2013 and have been a little more lax in 2014. I found I feel most lean when I limit the “not good for you carbs.”

One week a month I do a “sugar detox” or 7/7/7 challenge – work out minimum 7 times, 7 grams of sugar per day for 7 days. This is always helpful after my trips. I drink my body weight in ounces of water every day.

Taking photographs and measurements is such a good way to track progress, it definitely kept me on target with specific goals in mind (#absby30, dress sizes, new clothes for me). However, nothing external can replace the internal feeling of gratitude for true healthy wellness and fitness.

I looked at inspirational fitness social media, but your inspiration has to come from within you. It has to be you. You have to want it, need it, crave it. Of course, there have been challenges or plateaus. This just means it’s time to make adjustments in your routine, try something new.



In the words of Nike, Just Do It. And in true JSF fashion, stop being a weanie. Life is hard. You choose your hard. ~ Missy Rumple 

If you would like to be the next JSF Athlete Success Story contact us today & join other bad ass athletes like Missy on the road to healthy and happy! 

Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness 

Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~ Make Success Mandatory 

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