7 Quick “Healthy” Snacks On The Go

7 Quick “Healthy” Snacks On The Go ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness


I get tons of emails, questions, and messages about what to eat on the go, when people travel, when they are in a rush, have ZERO time, and need a grab-go snack.

I put together this quick video to show you guys these 7 quick-fast-easy “healthy” snacks you can eat on the go, on the road any take with you just about anywhere.


My quick top 7 “healthy” snacks on the go in a pinch…..

1. Quest Bars

2. Beef Jerky

3. Chia Bars

4. Almonds

5. Pistachios

6. Trail Mix

7. Power Crunch *

Enjoy guys hopefully these quick tips, ideas can keep you from going off the wagon and cheating on your current nutriton plan and goals.

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