11 Speed & Agility Ladder Drills

11 Speed & Agility Ladder Drills for Fat Loss with Jeremy Scott Fitness

One of my favorite all-time training tools is the speed ladder. Many of you are familiar with it or have at least seen this funky ladder lying on the floor at training facilities all over the place. I will dive into the details and a little simple science in a second but let me say this if you get nothing else from this article – the speed ladder is fun…it’s flat out fun to use and play with for people of all ages and levels.

Now onto the details behind the fun:

The Speed & Agility Ladder is one the best tools for training to help athletes lean a huge array of movement patterns. This amazing training tool is not limited to just top-level athletes; the “average Joe” or the “average couch to client” can utilize a speed ladder for countless benefits.

Some of my favorite reasons to incorporate speed & agility ladder work with our adult clients are:

They can improve and increase their basic running and movement skills.

They have shown improvement in not only their agility but also their balance.

We have noticed improvement in their mobility, flexibility, and core strength with use of the speed & agility ladder.

I also love using the ladder as a brain training exercise as well.

At the end of the day the best part about using the speed ladder is…it’s just fun, it’s fun to use, fun to run through, fun to follow different patterns.

For all of us old former athletes it brings back memories of a time when we use to train for sport.

The speed ladder is a great tool for helping athletes, and clients of all age and ability levels with their coordination, balance, and general conditioning.

Don’t get mistake what I am saying, you won’t gain NFL combine speed or agility and you won’t become an Olympian by using the ladder……you will however have tons of fun and improve your general conditioning in the process.

At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about anyways, getting better and having fun in the process.

Below are 11 speed and agility ladder drills you can have fun with next time you hit the gym.

1. Single Leg Hops
2. Double In/In & Out/Out
3. Single Leg Lateral Hop
4. Lateral In/Outs
5. Feet Jacks
6. Double Back & Forth
7. 2 Feet In – 2 Feet Over – 2 Feet Out
8. Lateral Push Up Hand Walk
9. 2 Hands In – 2 Hands Out
10. Plyo Push Ups Ladder
11. Forward –Backward Handwalk

Checkout this quick video below, where I walk you through all 11 speed & agility ladder drills.


Now these are just 11 I picked out for this video, there is literally hundreds of exercises, variations, options and drills you can do outside these. It’s almost endless, whatever your mind can think you can probably do it with the ladder…. within reason that is.

My advice if you want to jump into the world of speed ladder training. Get started with a trusted coach if you can. Start slow, have fun, work within your skill set, doing things you are comfortable with at first. Build your skills one drill and exercise at a time and let us know how much you love it.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people!


Jeremy Scott ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

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