Beast of the Month – Rick Shaffer



Where are you originally from?

-Born in Nebraska but raised in Colorado.


How long have you been coming to JSF?

-1 year and 6 months


What was your fitness regimen prior to JSF and what made you
choose/switch to JSF?

-Occasional garage workouts but not much really. The reason I chose JSF initially, is that I knew I wanted to make a change. I had read an article a few months prior in Scottsdale Health featuring Jeremy and his mom when he had her participate in a transformational challenge. In the article they explained that they offered support and held people accountable. Most gym’s you just show up, work out and leave-I was in.


What do you like best about JSF?

-Easy…the people! Jeremy and his constant flow of positive messages and no BS approach when it comes to what it takes to get real results. I liked number 12 on his list of 32 life lessons. There is no magic pill. Work hard and eat right trumps all. Monica providing nutritional guidance and support has been awesome. Kelly pushing us hard with the biggest smile ever – does anyone know of anyone nicer? Great people!!! It’s also about the other folks that show up – no posing, fashion show or ego BS – every day folks kicking butt! More nice people!


What do you like to do in your free time?

-I love hanging with my kids – they are awesome. Also love getting together with friends for pool parties or just an evening of fun.


What’s your favorite cheat meal?

-Cheat meal would be the southwest rolls at White Chocolate restaurant.


What is your advice for other members to get great results?

-Listen to the pro’s (that would be the JSF crew)! After working out for about a year, while good, it was not what I was after. So, I listened…it’s all about the nutrition…manage your macro’s (I now know what macro’s are). But my personal advice is keep the faith (stay focused), be patient, work hard. If you follow the lead – things happen!



You are consistently showing up and pushing yourself day in and day out and always with a smile on your face. We are so proud of how far you have come since changing your nutrition and how you have truly made it your new lifestyle! Your results are definitely showing and we are excited to see what your future holds. Keep up the amazing work!!!

-Team Jeremy Scott Fitness

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