5 Habits of Healthy People

5 Habits of Healthy People ~ Jeremy Scott 


The majority of healthy people didn’t get there my some freak accident or dumb luck; they follow a specific set of rules, rituals and habits to attain their health and fit status. It was the accumulation of these daily rituals, dedication, and hard work that got them to the person you sees today.


You guys know the sayings “we are what we eat” and I believe it was the late great Aristotle who said, “We are what we repeatedly do”…those things held true hundreds of years ago and still do to this day when it comes to health & fitness.


So, lets not reinvent the wheel here lets fast track your results with these 5 quick habits that healthy people do that you can take and model instantly for fitness success.


Habits #1 – Eat Healthy: this is a no brainer if you can’t do this one you are ice-skating up hill. The food you eat will no only increase the chances you live a longer life but you will have a better quality of life while you live it. Taking time to eat real whole foods and making it a priority is something all truly healthy people do, there is no way around this habit. Cheats & Treats are in amazing in moderation….it’s not what we do some of the time, but what we do MOST OF THE TIME that has the biggest impact on us! 


Habit #2 – Set Goals and Write them down: almost every fit person I know has a goal written down somewhere they are striving to achieve and once they do they write down another goal and another goal, the cycle is endless. Success goals take you from wishing for something to working for something. Without a goal you are just chasing your tail hoping for things to happen, goals keep you focused an driven to a healthier lifestyle.


Habit #3 – Exercise often: this is another no-brainer for most of you if you want to be fit you need to do what fit people do and that’s exercise. Aim to do something everyday, move your body daily in a physical way at least 20-30 minutes. If nothing else go for a walk in nature, bang out a few jumping jacks, chase your dog or kids around, anything is better than nothing. With your body the saying “use it or lose it” comes to mind, make sure your using your full range of motion and pushing your own limits here and there or one day you might lose the ability to do it all together.



Habit #4 – The Routine is the heart of your results: find a routine that works for you to not only be active, but to prep or find real quality food choices. The routine also has time to relax and decompress from stress, this is vital for an overall healthy lifestyle. Map out your days and weeks, map out time to train and exercise, time to hit the grocery store and time to recharge your batteries. If something is important schedule it, otherwise you will never make it happen week after week.


Habits #5 – Know when to chill – fitness people are known to push themselves to the limit and work beyond exhaustion. However, the veterans of this lifestyle know when to shut it down, relax and de-load when needed. This allows proper time for not only the body to heal, but also the mind, nervous system and anything else that might be overworked or over-stressed. Map our your rest time and be mindful when your body does need a break.


I hope this helps you guys make a few of these habits a priority sooner than later, trust me you can learn a lot from others who are where you want to be.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.



Jeremy Scott ~ Make Success Mandatory Author ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer

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