7 Ways to Stay Fit at Work

7 Ways to Stay Fit at Work by Jeremy Scott

I hear it almost daily “I am too busy too workout, I don’t have enough time, my career is so demanding” the list is endless. The reality, if you want my opinion would be this; if you think you have a successful career but you can’t find 30 minutes a day for yourself to workout I hate to break it to you – your career is successful YOU ARE NOT. Put it into perspective if the President of the United States can find 30 minutes a day to get fit, you can to. Now that we have tackled the physical aspect of office life lets get into the nutrition of office life…

The average American office worker spends 8 or more hours stuck in the seated position trapped in a cubicle 5 days per week. Not to mention the countless snacks, treats, lunches and happy hours out filled with food trying to drag you down. My point, the office life can be an unhealthy life if you let it get to you. Human beings are not built to just sit in a box and eat vending machine, gas station, drive through food all day. The combo of processed low nutrient food and sitting is a silent killer in one-way or another. If sitting and junk food doesn’t kill you directly, it surely robs you of your youth, your body, your mental health and most of all your joy.


Let me show you 7 quick easy effective ways to make a mental and physical shift to get fit regardless of your career.


Step #1 – schedule your workouts just like anything else important in your life. You schedule doctor’s appointments, dentist visits, oil changes, haircuts, work meetings and just about anything else, workouts should be the exact same. – NOTE if possible park your car as far away as possible and walk to work and take the stairs if possible – hey at least that is a start to moving more!


Step #2 – on all breaks, snack, lunch whatever breaks you get – be active with them get up walk and move your body make it mandatory daily. No more sitting breaks.


Step #3 – prep your food at home for the week, freeze it if needed, and have at least 1-2 meals ready at all times. Or if nothing else run into grocery stores and hit up the deli instead of the drive-through its little choices like that which will improve your overall diet instantly.


Step #4 – find some like-minded co-corkers if possible who also enjoy eating healthy and moving around. Having a strong inner circle makes a big difference, if your office isn’t the best place become the standard at the office others aspire to be. It might take some time but people will notice when you are living a healthier life and will gravitate towards you.


Step #5 – drink at least 100oz of water per day, keep a bottle on hand at all times if possible throw some lemon in there for an added bonus. Staying hydrated helps with just about everything from mood, hunger and energy.


Step #6 – get enough sleep 8 hours would be ideal but if you can at least squeeze in 6 make them quality and let your body rest and heal properly.


Step #7 – Set some goals for your life in the areas of both mental and physical health that will pull you through when stress hits, if you have no goals to strive what will motivate you? Find things that excited and interest you to move forward towards being a healthier version of yourself.


I know these are simple tips in theory, but putting them into practice does take some work. So, start with 1-2 of them and build on it, trust me 30-60-90 days from now your body will thank you in more ways than one.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people!

Jeremy Scott – Scottsdale Personal Trainer – Nutriton Coach 

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