Eating Healthy Despite Your Partner

Eating Healthy Despite Your Partner by Jeremy Scott



In our business we see this a lot, a motivated, driven, dedicated partner who is ready to make a major lifestyle change in their eating & training…the only problem their husband or wife isn’t on board. One of the toughest changes to make when you have committed to the mental shift to get fit is trying to get your other half on the same page. Let me drop a few quick hacks on you to ease the transition for both of you into the fitness life.

Step #1 – Understand you are different people with different needs, wants, triggers and motivators. You as the leader must take 100% ownership for your efforts and your actions. At first it will be a fight you go at alone, understand that you have to be the standard your partner gravitates towards not the other way around.


BONUS TIP – stay strong, hold your ground – often times friends, family, yes even your partner want to see you fail – pay them no mind – stay focused and know they will eventually come around when they see you making kick ass progress. Show them how happy you are, how energetic, how passionate you are it’s contagious if they see it enough they will become believers.


Step #2 – Ask them for their support – regardless if they want to make the same changes you are making – there is no reason they can’t have your back in this just like they do in other areas of your life. If nothing else they will respect your choices and not put you in bad situations or tempt you unnecessarily. Any good partner should be willing to accommodate you on this aspect of the changes.


Step #3 – Cooking for YOU not two – now if it was my wife and she was not on board with my healthy eating, I would tell her “you can make your own dinner girlfriend”. However, if you are not in a relationship like mine, and you must cook for two or more, the alternative option you can still cook for your family, but for your portion reserve some separate protein/veggies just for you. Let them have the added things if they really can’t get on your level. This way there is not much extra work or prep time involved and your making everyone happy, including yourself.


Step #4 – Mark Your Own Food – just like in college or if you ever lived with a roommate who didn’t understand boundaries labeling food is important. I suggest if your entire house is on not on your level, have your own cabinet, drawer, or if nothing else carve our a section of the refrigerator and label your stuff with your name and a “DO NOT TOUCH” sign. I know this sounds trivial, but it will ensure you don’t have to sift through the other junk in your house to find your food. It also guarantees your food will always be there prepped and waiting for you so you are not tempted by the things in your own house.

In a perfect world your partner and household would be on you’re level when you are ready to make a change. Just in case you have to fight the resistance use these tips until you convert them over to the fitness life.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people!

Jeremy Scott #makesuccessmandatory 

Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~ Nutrition Coach – Author – Nerd 




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