Own Your Flaws

Own Your Flaws by Jeremy Scott 

We’re all messed up… All of us, not a single one of us is perfect!

That’s the blueprint… the true beauty is in the flaws…..

Embrace the fact that you are flawed like the rest of us….

Let’s face it, we aren’t all as cool as Matthew McConaughey in a car commercial, no matter how hard I try I still look like a nerd in my Honda driving to work each day.

We all KNOW that deep down we can’t be perfect…

But with the world of Facebook & Instagram how often do you compare your life to someone else’s?

You compare your life to their highlight reel of photos and videos…..

How fit they are, the clothes they wear, their body, their car, their house, and their relationships….

Perfect is fake…..even on instagram TRUST ME ON THIS!

Perfect is boring…..

Perfect is NOT REAL……

Perfect does not exist…….

My life, my body, my career, my relationships are far from perfect on any level…..I am as messed up as they come inside and out.

The flaws make it exciting….

The flaws make us grow….

The flaws make it frustrating & fun….

The flaws also make it REAL….. they make us REAL

So, as you head into another week – I ask you to own your flaws embrace how weird, messed up, and strange we each really are deep down.

If you don’t your just living a lie, and I would rather love my life and myself for my own obsessive, intense, compulsive personality than live a false version of who I am truly supposed to be. 


Jeremy Scott ~ Make Success Mandatory ~Scottsdale Personal Trainer 


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