3 MUSTS to Live an Inspired Life

3 MUSTS to Live an Inspired Life by Jeremy Scott


This is a quick message about how to live an inspired life, a life with purpose, a life dedicated to being as awesome as possible 24/7/365.


We are living in a fast paced world packed with superficial goals, fake dreams, people chasing what they think is happiness, who are stressed out to the max, anxious, and often times depressed about their everyday life.


The next 3 things I am about to share with you will be your golden ticket, your hall pass out of that life. This is your chance to leave the rat race, stop being average, and rise above the status quo of society.


Happiness is a choice, being successful is a choice, living an epic, amazing, inspired life is a choice…and the choice is yours.


Today is the day we stop trading our happiness, peace of mind, and joy for stress, anxiety, and concerns about what other people think. Today we focus on what truly matters how truly happy you are with your life each day.


Confession: I spent most of my young life age 10 to 24 being nervous, stressed, anxious, and worrying about every negative thing that might happen. Until one day I had enough and adopted these 3 MUSTS into my life……


MUST #1 – Take a Mandatory Minute to be Mindful


We are so busy with stimulus all day long, TV, computers, traffic, meetings, phone calls, instagram, Facebook, surfing the web you name it we don’t have much time to just think.


Being mindful or meditating even for just 1 minute can increase your ability to handle stress. It can improve your ability to focus; it can help balance your emotions. Maybe even more important it can give you a second to just think, reflect and gather yourself for a silent moment.


The time you spend mediating or being mindful is your time and yours alone. It’s time well spent, it allows you to rest, to focus, and be even more productive on the things that truly matter.


If you have OCD like me or are more of the ADD type, start with just 1 minute when you wake up or 1 minute when you hit the sheets to start. Trust me that 1 minute can change everything if you let it, when is the last time you just took 1 minute for yourself to chill with no TV, phone, computer, or people around?


MUST #2 – LOL seriously….Laugh Out Loud


They say the average 4 year old laughs 300 times a day, the average 40-year-old only 4.

How often do you laugh each day?

Why do we take our life and ourselves so serious?

Are we so focused on success we can’t even laugh anymore?

And if that were the case, would you consider a life without laughter daily a success?


Life is a blast, it’s fun, it’s a joy, and there are endless jokes and funny moments daily all around us.


I don’t care if it’s calling your funniest friend daily, watching a YouTube video, visiting a website that makes you laugh or watching your favorite comedy show before bed ……make it a must to laugh.

I heard a quote years ago that stuck with me:

“Take your craft serious but not yourself.”

I try to live by this and laugh at the moments I can everyday, I suggest you do the same.


MUST #3 – Have Gratitude


It’s hard to be depressed, sad or angry when you truly have gratitude in your life.


Having gratitude is simple, yet we often overlook all that we have to be grateful for.


When you find yourself tripping out feeling sorry for yourself just take a minute and find gratitude.


Find gratitude for the small things like having 2 ears that can hear, 2 eyes that can see, 2 legs that help you walk, and you will come to find out the small things are in fact the big things.


Spending your life being jealous, envious, wishing you had this person’s job, or that person’s car, or that fancy house down the street won’t bring you anything but misery, I promise you that.


I am all about grinding, chasing your dreams, striving to do more, be more and achieve your absolute best. But you can do all of those things while stilling being grateful for what you have already accomplished and what you have already been gifted.


We could all use more gratitude in our lives. We have no excuse not to take have gratitude for numerous miracles in our lives each day.


I read this quote daily when I wake up:


“Someone else is praying for the things you take for granted”


It’s burned into my mind; anytime I start to forget about how blessed I really am I say it out loud to myself, it brings me back to a state of gratitude for my amazing gift of a life.


Think about; what do you have to be grateful for today?


My hope is that these 3 quick MUSTS can be easily integrated into your routine today to help you live a truly inspired life. Often times it’s these little adjustments in our mindset that make all the difference in the success we achieve, the happiness we have and the impact we leave on the world. Make these MUSTS mandatory and watch your life change right before your eyes.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people!


Jeremy Scott ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~

Make Success Mandatory Author 










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