47 Day Transformation

47 Day Transformation 


Jeremy Scott Fitness Presents the 47 Day Transformation 

Long story short we spent the past 12 months working on this life changing project. 

We launch session 1 on January 11th 2016 and we are limiting this to 100 spots worldwide. 

The Grand Prize Winner will get: 

FREE 6 Night Stay in a luxury vacation home in Orlando FL 

FREE Airfare round trip 

FREE Reebok Swag Apperal Package 

FREE Platinum Supplement Stack 

This program is can be done 100% online anywhere in the world. 
This is a total mind, body, and lifestyle habit transformation-coaching program. I want to be clear here; this is NOT just a program you download and go try alone hoping it works.

This is an interactive coaching transformation program of:

Your physical body – coaching you on the most efficient way to get into & stay in the best shape of your life.
Your nutrition & eating habits – educating you on the importance of healthy eating by making it an easy lifestyle you can enjoy for the rest of your life.
Your mindset – showing you what is possible by eliminating self-limiting believes so you can unleash the true potential inside you.
We personally coach you step-by-step starting on Day 1 on exactly how you will train, how you will eat, how you will set realistic goals, and most importantly we hold you accountable over the next 47 days. We have a “no member left behind” policy to ensure you stay on course.

This program is a perfect solution to the biggest problems you face with your body, your eating, and your overall lifestyle.

We give you all the tools you need and explain not only what you will be doing but also more importantly WHY you will be doing it.

This transformation was designed for people looking to make improvements in the gym, the kitchen, the boardroom, the classroom, and even the living room.

Many of our successful graduates include:


Mothers looking to get their body back
Young professionals
Parents crunched for time
“Serial workout jumpers and dieters”
Career driven executives
People who are stuck at a “fat loss plateau”
This program is for people ready to make a real lifestyle change, not someone looking for just a quick fix. This is for people wanting new habits, more happiness and better overall health for life.


CLICK HERE now to grab a spot and change your mind, body, and life forever. 

47 Day Transformation – www.47daytransformation.com 

Learn more by clicking HERE and see what our success stories had to say! 

Jeremy Scott – 47 Day Transformation Creator 


Jeremy Scott Fitness – Scottsdale Personal Trainer – Online Coaching 

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