Jan Dolan ~ Beast of the Month



I’m originally from Montana, the Big Sky Country.  I had an active childhood, riding horses, playing bicycle tag, competitive swimming and playing hockey and baseball.


Like many people, how active and fit I was ebbed and flowed depending on career and personal demands and needs.  I joined gyms and racket ball clubs, rode bicycles, took hiking trips around the world and had personal trainers.  My eating and drinking habits also ebbed and flowed as time marched on.


I retired in 2008 and found myself 15-20 pounds over my desired weight.  I stumbled onto a small group-training program that included a diet regime.  I lost 15+ pounds.  I felt great.


For a variety of reasons, I left that program for a similar program at another gym.  I liked the other participants but after a period of time, something felt wrong. Yes, my hip hurt which was probably from too much golf.  Something else was amiss. What that was wasn’t clear.  I decided to take a break and concentrate on gentle yoga.


Shortly thereafter, in January of 2014, I was diagnosed with an invasive form of breast cancer. I had a bilateral mastectomy on February 14 followed by radiation. I’m now on a long-term treatment regime.


After some complications in late 2014 and early 2015 I wanted to find a group training program to control the weight gain that accompanies the medications and strengthen the muscles in my upper back and chest that were weak from 4 surgeries.  I happened onto a Facebook post of a friend that featured Jeremy Scott Fitness.  


My friend, like me, was focused on being healthy not sexy!  The 20-minute workout designed to burn fat as well as strengthen the body and improve cardio was appealing.


I haven’t lost a lot of weight but I have stemmed the tide of medically induced weight gain.  I have definitely lost fat and strengthened my back and chest muscles.


I love the size of the classes and how genuinely friendly and supportive everyone is!  This includes the other group members and Jeremy, Monica and Kelly!


I’m very excited to check out the Red Wine Diet.  I love a great glass of red wine with a dinner of grilled wild sockeye salmon and vegetables topped off with anything chocolate.


I am also approaching my 63rd birthday!  I suspect I may be the senior of the group.  I am therefore comfortable in encouraging everyone of any age to eat healthy and exercise in a supportive and friendly environment and don’t worry about being sexy; be healthy and comfortable in your own skin.




We love having you as part of our JSF family! We are honored that you chose us to be a part of your health regimen. You bring nothing but positive energy every single time you are in and I don’t think we can recall ever seeing you without a smile on your face. You have done an amazing job regaining your strength and we look forward to even more great things from you this year!

-Team Jeremy Scott Fitness


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