You DON’T need more “stuff”

You DON’T need more “stuff”


Many of us have too much of nothing.


We are drowning in possessions.


We hoard “stuff” we think we need that we would often be so much better without.


Look around your house, how many things can you find that you haven’t worn, touched or used in months?


Less is almost always better.


Working your whole life for more “stuff” like a BIGGER house, luxury car, more expensive clothes, the newest tech gadget often times doesn’t bring fulfillment.


Chasing possessions, collecting “stuff” that you can’t take with you seems like a waste of your amazing gift of a life.


Take it from a guy who once didn’t have enough money to buy a song on iTunes.


To today I make more money in a month than I once made in an entire year.


Am I any happier today, than I was when I was dead broke years ago?


No, I just have more money and more “stuff” now.


But NO more happiness.


Many of us have too much of nothing, but NOT enough of everything else.


I will leave you with one of my favorite possession quotes.


“The things you own end up owning you”

Tyler Durden


~ Jeremy Scott ~ 

~Make Success Mandatory 

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