17 Must Read Books in 2016

17 Must Read Books in 2016 by Jeremy Scott

I read over 100 books per year and have for the past 3 years in a row. Or should I have listened to over 100 books a year, I love audible and my learning style is very auditory. I play to my strengths in that regard I suggest you do to.

Anyways, I get ask all the time about books I read, what I suggest to read, what books have helped me, inspired me, motivated me and so on……

Here is a starter list of 17 Must Read Books for everyone human in 2016. If you guys give this page enough love and I hear enough feedback on this, I will most certainly get you another list of 17 books you should check out, enjoy!

17 Must Read Books

#Book 1 – Make Success Mandatory by Jeremy Scott (shamless plug) I had to include this gem, its a easy read heck I wrote it. If you guys take a few hours dig into this book and really read it through, I promise you it will spark something inside you or if nothing else remind you of some gifts you have that you are not currently using.


#Book 2 – The Go Getter – If you like legit story telling you will love this. If you consider yourself a hustler or someone who “grinds” and works their ass off, this would be a book for you. Or if you want to become someone who goes out and gets what they want I would consider picking this up.


Book #3 -The Undefeated Mind – one of my all time favorite reads. Great look at how we think, and more important why we do what we do. I highly suggest grabbing this if improving how you see the world is important to you. 


Book #4 – Extreme Ownership – My man Mike Roussell PhD suggest I pick this up and it was amazing. If you want to ever own your own biz, or work as part of a team this is a must read. The story telling is unlike most other books you will fund, pick up a copy today! 


Book #5 – The Secret to  Success – I love E.T. and if you want to know the story behind the success of Dr. Eric Thomas I suggest grabbing it now . He was once homeless eating out of trash cans, and now is one of the top motivational speakers in the world.


Book #6 -The Obstacle Is The Way – great story telling, with a basic powerful message I think can truly help benefit anyone in any walk of life!


Book #7 -minimalism – live a meaningful life – A great story of two dudes who gave up the world “they thought they should be in” for a truly meaningful life. I HIGHLY SUGGEST all of you reading this buy listen book and listen to it or read it x 2!!! 



Book #8 – Love Yourself -Like Your Life Depends on It – the title says it all, very direct straight to the point and interesting to say the least. Quick easy read that will dig into the core of you as a person. 


Book #9 – The Millionaire Next Door – I love quality legit $$$ books that you can understand and apply to your daily life. If you truly want to be wealthy in terms of $$$ in the investments, assests and $$$ in the bank give this book a read. 


Book #10 -You are a Bad Ass – I love Jen and I love this book, she keeps it real and is 100% raw un-cut and kicks it to you straight. If you can take the heat of her honest truth about being a bad ass buy it now – you can thank me later! 


Book #11 – Rhinoceros Success – a great take presented in a most amazing way on how to be successful. For all my hustlers out there or want to be hustlers, grinders, hard workers this is for you. If you want to get motivated in a new way -this is a fun easy read I go back to over and over again. 


Book #12 – Letters to a Friend – In my opinion the best book Tony Robbins has ever put out. I have read them all, and they all have benefits. However, this is an easy read that many of you can absorb and take action on within minutes of ready. 


Book #13 – Total Money Makeover – I love Dave Ramsey, and if you want legit practical advice on how to get out of debt, save money and life live on your own terms $$$ wise – order this book today. Trust me the advice is sound and you can apply it to your life right away. 


Book #14 – The E Myth – If you ever want to start your own business or be your own boss read this book ASAP. If you work for a small business or ever wish to READ THIS BOOK. If you want to know how or why most small biz do or don’t work READ THIS BOOK. I love it and changed the way I think about being a business owner. 


#15 Book – Lean In – for all my ladies out there, this is a legit women’s leadership book. Talking life balance with a family while being a bad ass at your job. If you are a women and have a family as well as a job it will help you level up!


Book #16 – Think And Grow Rich – a true classic that will stand the test of time. If you want to read one of the great mindset books ever written get it here. 


Book #17 – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – the title says it all, classic habit book. 


These are my Top 17 Must Read Books for 2016  for you. Please let me know if you have any questions and if you love this post we can get you a new list once you tackle some of these. 

Enjoy and remember knowledge is NOT power, but knowledge with action is! 


Jeremy Scott – Make Success Mandatory Author 

Scottsdale Personal Trainer – President of Jeremy’s Book Club 

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