You Can’t Always Do More

You can’t always just do more…


Trust me I wake up at 3:50am everyday, doing more for me at this point really isn’t possible, doing more won’t make me more successful.


Often times in the early stages of your fitness journey, career, relationship you can simply just do more and things will improve….


But after the novice phase of anything “just doing more” STOPS working.
The increase in efforts offers little if any improvement.
It’s impossible for us to keep doing what we’d always done and make massive progress in the results we were once getting at the start.
Trying harder doesn’t always work.
Sometimes we need to do something drastically different to find greater levels of success.
We need to break out of our comfort zones, and the glass ceiling we place on our lives.
Sometimes working harder is NOT the right answer, you must work smarter.
If we are not getting the results we want, we may need to change what we are doing.

In your body it might be how you eat, do you prep your food? Do you plan your meals out weekly? Or do you just blindly go into the week hoping to eat well? ….BTW tell me how that’s going for you?


Maybe it’s your workouts, how long you spend vs. the intensity you train with? Do you foam roll? Do you have a plan when you hit the gym? Again if you don’t have a program your following, how is your progress coming?


Or maybe it’s your time management skills. Do you waste time on things that bring you no closer to your goals like watching T.V or Netflix for hours?
I could go on and on…but you get the picture.
You can’t do what you’ve always done…even if you work a little harder doing it, you won’t see life-changing results.

You can’t fix every problem with a hammer, no matter how hard you swing.
Sometimes you just need a different tool.
You can make massive changes in your progress & success if you simply look and attack things in a smarter way.



Are you willing to change your daily habits, rituals and your actions enough to change your results?


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people. – Jeremy Scott 

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