Does Lifting Make Women Bulky?

Does Lifting Make Women Bulky? 


One of the biggest scams when it comes to female training is that lifting will make women bulky. If you have worked with me in-person, online or read anything I have put out over the past 10 years you know the 100% truth that….. 


The women bodybuilders who look really bulky…..

They eat, train, sleep, take supplements (often times taking other things) to look that way. In short they dedicate their life to looking like that…..oh and it takes years, and years of effort to make it happen. 

The Reality ladies: when you pick up heavy stuff, or lift weights – your muscles get STRONGER, but that does not mean they will get bigger.

If you had the testosterone of a man (which you don’t) and eat way more calories than you are burning every day, then and only then would you get bigger. 

If you lift heavy weights and eat a caloric deficit with real nutritious foods. You will create strong lean muscle and burn fat as well. Giving you the (I hate this word) toned look you are after. 

I go into much more detail in the video below, enjoy! 


Would you call her bulky? Or would you say “she looks good?” The crazy thing is she lifts weights…..and sometimes really heavy ones! 



Jeremy Scott ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~Author 

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