Mike D’Andrea Beast of the Month

MIKE D’ANDREA ~ Beast of the Month 


What brought you to Jeremy Scott Fitness and how long have you been a member?

I had been on a serious quest to find a trainer and group that I felt comfortable with.  In a multi-billion dollar industry, I have come to learn that there are many people out there that really don’t know what they’re doing, selling nor talking about.  Ironically enough, my girl’s school happened to be in the neighborhood, so I thought I would simply pop in and check it out.  I met Jeremy, and we immediately hit it off, spending almost an hour talking about fitness, nutrition, etc.  I have been a member now for just over a year.


How did you feel at the beginning when you joined?

At the beginning, I felt quite intimidated, old, weak and out of shape.  In fact, I laugh now because I started out at JSF doing 1-1 sessions with Jeremy, in fear of embarrassing myself and/or not making it through on of the group training sessions without puking or passing out! LOL!


How do you feel now?

Now, I couldn’t imagine a week without a minimum of 2-3 training sessions or more.  I’ve experienced tremendous gains in muscular strength and definition.  My overall endurance, stamina and cardiovascular health is much improved.  Additionally, my diet has never been better, certainly not as consistent…as I have learned how to make good food decisions and the importance of proper planning, meal preparation and a solid routine.


What have you accomplished since working with Jeremy Scott Fitness?

While I’m still working toward my ultimate personal fitness goals…I have lost about 28 pounds (245 lbs. to 217 lbs.), 4″ in pant size (38-34) not as much fat as I’d like…but working on it, but perhaps most importantly dropped my overall Cholesterol numbers from 179 to 115, and lowered my LDL (bad Cholesterol) from 117 to 63!  In the event you are unfamiliar with these numbers…that’s a life saving swing for me considering my genetics and family history…all from just June of last year!  I have consistently logged my food intake and continue to work on my eating habits and discipline, while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

In one word how would you describe Jeremy Scott Fitness?

Life-changing.  Mind-Blowing. or Transformative


What advice do you have for others?

What Jeremy, Monica & Kelly are doing professionally at JSF is so vital, and it DOES impact so many lives, on so many levels and in a multitude of ways you may or may not recognize.  Fitness is much more than the physical piece, challenging and cultivating mental, emotional and social well being, instilling discipline, commitment and execution are all critical components that most miss in life…not at JSF!  From the 47 Day Challenge and 28 Day Abs, to the monitoring of our nutrition…the private sessions, and of course the group training sessions, the accessibility to such an incredible wealth of knowledge at JSF is unparalleled…the entire team are always so responsive to questions, concerns, etc.  My advice for others…look no further, JSF IS the real deal!  Stay the course and remember that anything ever worth it in life requires hard work, patience and proper supervision.


I have experienced vast improvement in my overall fitness, as well, I have enjoyed the opportunity to get to know what wonderful people Jeremy, Monica and Kelly really are (and attract to the gym) as well as the positive environment they’ve created…one of common goals/mindset, hard work and shared learning. Looking forward to a long future at JSF!


What’s your favorite quote?

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

  • Aristotle



We are so glad you walked in when you did! You have made huge improvements since you first started with us and we have no doubt you will reach all your goals and then some! You and your girls are an amazing addition to the JSF family!!!

-Team Jeremy Scott Fitness –

-Scottsdale Personal Trainer-

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