How to Lose 90lbs and Keep it OFF!

How to lose 90lbs and keep if OFF!


Where your focus goes your energy flows…..

It really is the simple.

What you focus on your future will be I can almost 100% promise you that.

What you focus:

Your Time on

Your Effort on

Your Thoughts on

Your Energy on



My girl Stacy here is a prime example of that her focus drove her to lose 90lbs. Don’t just take it from me, hear her story here or better yet if you are short on time scroll down and watch it come to life yourself…..



Our focus and our daily rituals determine not only what we accomplish in this life, but who we are.


Do you want to be out of un-healthy and our of shape?


Or do you want to be the best shape of your life?


Then put the junk food away and get yourself a coach and community of people who will support you.

Do you want to live a long healthy life?


Then when you set aside time to work on your health, your relationships, and your career skills. Start to focus on the ‘big rocks’ and ignore the small pebbles.


If you focus on what is important right now…you’ll win the day.


Win enough days…you’ll reach your goals.


Set the right goals…you’ll have the body and the life you want to have.


But it all starts with a decision to focus.

Checkout Stacy in a 90lb time lapse video here…..mind blowing!!!


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

P.S. – if you need help focusing on a goal shoot me a message or give me a call I would be happy to help.

Jeremy Scott Scottsdale Personal Trainer

Make Success Mandatory Author 

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