What Are You Working For?

What Are You Working For?


When you wake up and go through your day what are you really working for?


What are you spending your time doing?


Are you making a difference?


Think of it this way…


Name me the last 5 Super Bowl Champions?


Name me the last 5 Miss America Winners?


Name me 5 people who have won the Nobel Peace Prize?


Name me the last 5 Vice Presidents of America?


Do you know them all?


Odds are you don’t…..

Let me dig into this a little deeper here in this #mandatoryminute video: 


Now these are pretty amazing achievements and you for some reason don’t remember them.


The starts of today are often forgotten just as quickly, not to say these things don’t matter, but to our lives on a deep level they don’t mean anything to most of us.


But what if I asked you:


Can you name a teacher or coach you made an impact on your life?


Can you name me 3 people who have supported you through your life?


Name me one role model or person you look up to?



Can you name me 1 person who have had an impact on and changed their life?


My point……


I bet none of you named anyone super famous, none of them were Super Bowl Champs, rock stars, movie stars, or billionaires.


Often times we get so caught up in changing the world, being successful, and doing these amazing things that will bring us fortune and fame.


When in reality we are already making a HUGE difference in the world just like others people did for us once.


Take second, step back and see what you are focusing your time doing. Your legacy, your impact, and your success will live on in the people you touch daily…..


Think about it……that’s your minute make it mandatory today!


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

Jeremy Scott ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~

Make Success Mandatory Author #mandatoryminute 

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