Barcelona, Spain with Jeremy Scott Fitness

Barcelona, Spain with Jeremy Scott Fitness


My August travel schedule was crazy…..


Starting in Arizona I was off to Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and last but not least Barcelona, Spain.


I will say this about traveling the world; it’s given me a great perspective on life.


I love America, I think it’s the biggest most buffed up country on the planet – I truly do love it here.


With that said, there are things we could learn from other countries and their practices.


I think working hard is awesome, but we do it to the extreme here compared to other countries. …Who else works -60-70-80 hours a week other than us?




I think we have becomes too obsessed with status, job title, and material things compared to other countries I have visited. (Just my insight)


I think we feel bigger and more is better and in reality it truly is not.


My points is NOT to bash America because I think for the most part we have it right and live in the best system out there.




I do feel we could benefit from looking at how others are doing it and try to:


Work a little less and live a little more.


Downsize on material stuff and upsize on life experience.


Slowdown and breathe now and then and appreciate what we have and not always focus on rushing to get what we think we need.


Just my quick insights from spending a week surrounded by people who have:


Much less “material stuff” then I do –

Live in apartments much smaller than the house I own –

Don’t own vehicles


And while they don’t have those things -What they do have is:


More free time than I have –

They appear to have much less stress then I have –

They appear to be just as happy as I was – if not more so




My point – think about your life sometimes –


STOP working for a minute and think about what the hell you are really doing all this for?


How are you spending your time?


Which really means – how are you spending your life?


Are all the things you are working for and giving up your time for the “right things”?



I get it we all need $$$$ – and while it’s important, it’s NOT the most important thing in this life.


Food for thought.


I just want to make sure each of you is living a life with purpose, a life that you truly want, and a life that makes you happy 24/7/365.


I will leave you with one of my fav quotes – “Collect Moments, NOT Things” 



Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people!

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness –

Make Success Mandatory Author – #86400 


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