Bowl in Your Own Lane

Bowl in Your Own Lane


Simple tip to level up your life instantly….

Are you ready?

“Bowl in YOUR own lane”

Or in to phrase it another way “ JUST DO YOUR BEST”

Seems a little too simple, right?

It’s not.

Let me tell you why….

Like most people through high school, college, and those first few years in the” real world” ages 22-25 I didn’t focus on ME.


I would waste so much time, effort, and energy worrying about:


What everyone else was doing.

How much success everyone else was having.

Not making as much progress as my peers around me.

What people were doing on “social media”


The result I was just spinning my wheels going nowhere. In all reality it was dictating some of the life choices I was making.


So, one day I just said f*uck it and decided to just start “Bowling in my own lane”


I truly committed to being the best at the things I did.


I was no longer concerned about what anyone else was doing.


I just put my head down and went to work on ME.

I started hustling hard for MY goals.

Started chasing MY own dreams.


The feeling was so freeing…. I had never felt as alive and truly inspired to go after what I wanted.


I see so many people go through life comparing themselves to others, letting the “competition” dictate what they do next.


The house they buy.

The car they drive.

The job title they covet.

The clothes they wear.


The results they have no real identity, and never make any legitimate long term progress.


Because they are always chasing someone else’s ideal life, and not pursuing their own.


My advice rather than trying to do everything, and comparing yourself to the world and what they are doing …just “bowl in your own lane” and focus on being your best at the things you excel at.


It takes practice and this change might not happen over night, but I promise…


You’ll be blown away at the progress your life will make in the matter of a few short weeks.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.


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Jeremy Scott ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~

Make Success Mandatory Author  


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