Burpee Calculator for Halloween & Holiday Treats

Burpee Calculator for Halloween & Holiday Treats

Look I am NOT saying to never eat candy, I love it just as much as you guys do!


However, the average American will eat around 3.4 pounds of candy during the Halloween/Holiday season.

Below our coach Monica put together a chart that calculates the equivalent numbers of burpees a person do in order to burn off a fun size piece of candy.

Let me be CLEAR HERE: these are fun size portions!

We took the average 140lb female and 180lb male for our estimates –

burpee calculator


Again, like all things in life moderation is the key. I want you guys to enjoy the holiday season with friends & family but don’t tank all your results in the process.

Earn your candy – by working your a** when you train and eating a healthy diet of greens and protein 90% off the time.

Enjoy and if you have any questions on this let us know.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people!

Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness

Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~ Make Success Mandatory Author

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