You Are NOT Here to Just Pay Bills & Die

You Are NOT Here to Just Pay Bills & Die….


You are NOT here to waste your life away in a cubicle working some job you hate.


You are NOT here to worship cars, homes, clothes, and “stuff” you are surrounded by daily.


You are NOT here to idolize famous movie stars, musicians, athletes, or insta-famous people on social media coveting everything they have that you don’t.


You are NOT here to just fit into what society, your parents, your friends, or your boss thinks you should be.


You are NOT here to walk gently through your life fearing judgment, rejection and failure for your choices.


You are NOT here to worry about things like job title, annual gross income, social class status, and keeping up with the Joneses.


You are NOT here to live in the past, holding onto mistakes, regret, and grudges from years ago.




That’s it…


You are here to have fun

You are here to play

You are here to travel

You are here to love

You are here to hustle for happiness

You are here to grind for your goals

You are here to give back to others

You are here to walk around sexy & strong

You are here to spend time with those who matter


At the end of the day you are going to die, this is a certainty I can give you with 100% confidence.


You might live another day, week, month, year or another 50 years but eventually your time will be up.


My wish for you, is when that time comes you can greet death with a high-five & a BIG smile because…




And you didn’t waste it worrying, wishing, stressing, and spending your 86,400 on sh*t that didn’t bring you joy, happiness, or fulfillment.


Let me say it again: You Are NOT Here to Just Pay Bills & Die.


You are HERE to live a LIFE.


So, don’t make the biggest mistake of your Life by NOT actually living one.


It starts right now with the 86,400 you have, go out and starting doing the sh*t you want to do, the sh*t that truly matters to YOU in your heart.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.


Jeremy Scott ~ Make Success Mandatory Author 

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