The Power of Compounding

The Power of Compounding ~ Jeremy Scott


Most of you have heard of this in the financial world, hopefully by your financial advisor.


Simple stupid it’s why you can invest $400 a month into the market for 30 years and become a millionaire – even though that $400 per month investment over 30 years –was ONLY an investment of $144,000 you made – and yet you can become millionaire.




Compound interest  – at a rate of even just 8% returns over 30 years can make you a millionaire – (compounding interest)


Fitness success, business success, relationship success, life happiness all work this way….


It’s NOT the home-run aka lottery ticket moment, quick trick, fad diet, make money fast scams that bring long term success.


It’s the small, simple daily rituals, habits, and practices that compound over time to make you:



Fit –Lean- In Shape

Rich – Financially Stable –


Fulfilled & Successful


It’s NOT 1 thing that drags you down or makes you ultra successful.


But rather the little things you either are or are not doing everyday that dictates your success in all areas of your life.


Think about it….


Is there some area of your life you are lacking in?


I am sure there is.


Now ask yourself, are my daily rituals in this area rituals that bring me positive results?


Odds are they are not.


If your NOT super mobile/flexible – odds are you don’t practice your stretching and mobility work daily.


If your NOT as lean as you like, or your clothes don’t fit the way you want – odds are your eating and macros are not in check daily.


If you are NOT where you want to be your finances – odds are you are not budgeting your income and expenses daily, weekly, or even monthly.


If your relationship sucks with your partner, odds are you guys stopped doing the little things – saying I love you daily, embracing as often, truly listening to one another, making time for your happiness together.


My point- the little things both positive and negative compound over time to make us either happy or sad, successful or a failure, and ultimately make us average or amazing in all areas of life.


The power of compounding is real – very real – make sure the things that are compounding in your life are those that will make you better not worse.


Trust me it – step back from your life for a minute audit it and make the small daily changes now and in the next 30-60-90 days see the power it has in your life.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people!

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