You Do Have Time For Your Health

You Do Have Time For Your Health

24 Hours in a Day or as we like to say it 86,400 (86,400 seconds in a day)

The biggest issue we hear from people is “they don’t have time to workout”

Now I don’t know your life and there are for sure people who have crazy situations but for the most part 99% of you fit into the time schedule below.

For those of you who say “they don’t have time” to workout let me tell you – YOU DO!



168 hours in each week

-55 –work (11 hours per day) 6am-5pm 11 straight hours of work 

113 hours left

-56 sleep (8 hours work day)

57 hours left

-10.5 hours drive time (1.5 hours per day)

46.5 hours left

-21 hours for (kids – running errands –house work) 3 hours per day

25.5 hours left per week (FREE TIME FOR ANYTHING ELSE) per week 


Now if we break it down in terms of each 86,400 = each 24 hous 

11 for work- 8 for sleep -1.5 for commute time-3 – housework, kids errands etc.-

23.5 hours in the day leaving you (30 minutes) daily…. 

Now that leave you every day 30 minutes to be active! 

Stop selling yourself on the bullshit reason of “you don’t have time” – YOU DO. 

The reality of life is this; you spend your time and your money on the things that matter to you. 

It’s 100% true for all of us, step back keep it real with yourself and see if you can’t find just 30 minutes a day to be fit. 

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people. 

P.S. – If you dig this video let me know and please feel free to share with with friends or family who might benefit from it. 

Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness 

86,400 Make Success Mandatory 

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