Just Don’t Be an A**hole

Just Don’t Be an A**hole


Today’s message is tied to something very close to my personal core values “being nice to people” or to put it another way “just don’t be an a**hole”


This message came in from a Mother & Daughter in our 47-Day Transformation and I wanted to share it with all of you.


I have changed the names for confidentially reasons, and will paraphrase the original message written by the mother about her daughter’s interaction at school below…



“PSA for today… and a plug for Jeremy Scott, because THIS is what’s on my mind today as I sit with my daughter, Amber at her IV infusion.


Be nice to people and raise your kids to be nice to people!


We could’ve selected anyone to educate and train our 16 yr. old, Amber (one of the “47 day guys” as Jeremy says); because fitness people are a dime a dozen here…AND I had plenty of contacts through my family that competes in the fitness scene.


Although I’ve known some previous “47 day guys”, one thing that kept bringing me back to JSF over the year of pondering, was one of his mottos that I saw or heard just doing research.


“Eat well, train hard, be nice to people”. I figured, If you go so far as to put the 
”be nice to people” as part of your motto, you must not be too shabby of a person… 


About 6 months ago, a boy that liked Amber told his friend that he had a crush on her, the boy replied, “dude, she’s a whale”. 


Amber initially was so sad that people could be so mean.


Amber’s initial response was to say, “I don’t look like a whale, yeah, I know I’m a little thick, but… what an idiot”


What he didn’t know… was Amber’s weight is tied to her private health struggles. She went from being underweight, to having difficulty losing weight due to steroids and other medications she was placed on.


I know we made the right selection to help with her fitness and nutrition. Jeremy and Monica Millage are such healthy and cool role models. So are the clients 
So…eat right, train hard and don’t be a piece of sh*t because you never know what struggles people are going through.” – Amber’s Mother


So, if you are like me you had either one of two reactions you:


A – got super pissed, mad and angry that people could be so mean


B – you got sad, emotional and upset that people could be so mean


Either way its an uncomfortable feeling to see, hear and know about people being bullied for things that are out of their control.


I commend a girl as young as 16 to have the resolve and poise to brush these kind of comments off and keep moving (God knows I didn’t have this mental toughness at 16)


The takeaway from me sharing this is….


1-Kids can be cruel I use to be one I get it, but that doesn’t excuse the behavior which often times traumatizes people, and gives them complexes that often times last their entire lives. I see it everyday here at JSF with people in their 50’s who were bullied as kids and still remember the words said to them decades ago. Kid’s can’t comprehend what they say to someone at age 16 can affect that person well into their 20’s-30’s-40’s-50’s and beyond.


2- It takes zero talent to be a NICE person, we all have this skill and it’s rather easy to apply daily. That ‘s why I sign off every email “be nice to people” I sincerely mean it, it’s my mantra, my motto, and the foundation I have built this business and my adult life on.


Honestly, the only metric of success I measure my life by is asking myself “are you a good person? Are you lifting others up daily with your words and actions?” If the answer is yes – to me that is a successful life.


Money, Job Title, Social Status, Looks can all come and go but the person you are and they way you make people feel will always withstand the test of time and be remembered by everyone you touch.


I urge you to do the same and if you truly focus on lifting people up instead of tearing them down you will be successful in everything and I mean EVERYTHING you do in this life.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

Jeremy Scott


Jeremy Scott Fitness ~ Make Success Mandatory


Scottsdale Personal Trainer


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