Athlete Spotlight Shanon Smith

Athlete Spotlight Shanon Smith – Jeremy Scott Fitness


What brought you to Jeremy Scott Fitness and how long have you been a member?

I came to JSF on the suggestion of my friend Jen Ryan, because my Dr. had told me, because of my weight (214) and my age (52) that I should come back in 6 months to get my blood work checked, plus I was on blood pressure meds too! So, Jen told me to come to JSF for a week and try it out with her and so on Sept 2016 was the beginning of the first day of my life! It was my rebirth of getting back what I lost 16 years ago. So, needless to say I loved the first week, then I joined after the first week. I started with 3 days a week and I would walk on the days that I didn’t go to JSF. I really didn’t think much about losing weight and being hard on myself. I came to JSF because I really loved the atmosphere, the people and the workouts. Now, I’m not going to lie, it was hard with weighing 214lbs. So, a month went by and I joined the 50 day challenge that went into the holidays, I was ready to win my life back and boy did I ever! I never thought that I would do anything like this but I did! So, from Sept to the end of Dec 2016 I lost 16 lbs. I was very strict on what I ate. I gave up Beer. Brought all my food to work, (I work at Safeway) so I’m around food all day long. Long story short, my appointment with the Dr. was in March of 2017 my goal was to lose 40lbs before that appointment. And you know, I did it! What a great feeling that was! I did this with the help of Jeremy, Monica and Kelly. They are the best team of coaches and I couldn’t of done it without them. I feel blessed that I walked in to JSF. I have been there for 17 months and I will be there forever! But I have to tell you what the Dr. said when he saw me; he didn’t even recognize me when he walked in to the room. He said when he tells people to come back in 6 months to get checked they never come back losing weight and able to stop meds. I did both, I beat the odds and I was true to myself. I now have structure in my eating.


How did you feel at the beginning when you joined?

I felt self-conscious, fat, and out of breath. And couldn’t do pushups and burpees. My feet hurt and ankles. My knee was in pain. I was 214 lbs. with all the weight pounding down on your joints. I was in pain all the time but never once stopped coming. I couldn’t, that’s how much determination I had. I didn’t want to miss any workout.


How do you feel now?

I feel AWESOME! I feel like I did when I was in my twenties, thirties and forties. People that haven’t seen me in a while notice what a change I have made and always ask what I did. I tell them it’s a lifestyle change and you have to want to do it.


What have you accomplished since working with Jeremy Scott Fitness?

I lost over 40lbs, went off my blood pressure meds and last year I did the Pat Tillman 4.2 run\walk in under an hour. So, I reach all my goals and I’m never going to look back and I always have new goals to set.


In one word how would you describe Jeremy Scott Fitness?

Fabulous, Fantastic, Lovely, Superb, Amazing! Sorry, I have more than one word.


What advice do you have for others?

If you are 100% serious about a lifestyle change this is your gym. If I could stand on the highest point on this earth and tell everyone you can’t lose if you don’t try. Just try JSF for one week and you won’t be sorry.


What is your favorite quote?

I have more then one: “If your friends don’t motivate and improve you, you’re choosing them wrong” “Nothing tastes as good as Healthy feels!” And then lastly “eat well, train hard & be nice to people”



You have done an amazing job with your transformation and we are honored that you allow us to be a part of it! Your dedication to both your workouts and nutrition has paid off for you big time and your positive outlook is contagious! We look forward to more great things from you in the future!!!

-Team Jeremy Scott Fitness


-Make Success Mandatory-


*Athlete Spotlight is a monthly honor given to a member of our JSF community chosen by the staff. It replaces our previous Athlete/Beast of the Month*

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