Why YOU are NOT making progress

Why YOU are NOT making progress

Your problem is NOT your workouts program…well for some of you it might be.

For some of you, who are not super active or part of a community-training program or have a real coach your issue might in fact be your lack of working out or lack of workout knowledge.

Even the best athletes in the world when left without:

A goal – Accounability -And a coach

They become fat, lazy and out of shape……Just look at many former college & pro athletes.

The reasons why we see most people fail are tied to those 3 things as well these….

1 ~ Program jumping thinking you need to change your program every 30 days (news flash you don’t need to do that)

2 ~ You think you need to work out longer…. Trust me if your going hard I mean high intensity there is NO WAY and I mean NO WAY you can do HIIT training for 45-60 straight minutes with true high intensity effort and have any resemblance of proper form.  (Prove me wrong anyone)

3 ~ You think everyday needs to crush you – (it doesn’t) there is a time place for that but everyday shouldn’t kill you

4 ~ Your NOT tracking your macros – this is the #1 for many of you – macros matter just as much as squats, lunges, and pushing sleds do….so start tracking them today.

5 ~ Your quality of sleep sucks …..you need to be getting quality restorative sleep daily.

6 ~ You stress too much about everything …many of these things you can’t control – (stop doing this if you want to be healthy and happy) 

7~ You are not planning or preparing food for your week, work days, or when you travel, if you have NO plan for these things there is almost zero chance you can reach your full potential.

8 ~ Your not patient enough – eating right and working out for 30-60-90-120 days is NOT a long time. You need to give something 1-2-3-years and forever… that’s how you find success when you understand the journey is forever.

9 ~ You think you can just “maintain” there is no such thing you are either getting better or getting worse each day. You can’t coast, this is an uphill battle vs. time so you need to be making progress or you will keep falling behind – get out of the “”maintain” mentality.

10 ~ You are not honest with your efforts – many of us drastically overestimate how hard we train and underestimate how much we eat.  This is a recipe for disaster you can’t out train your diet even as hard as I work I can’t do it….so you need to be training right and eating right for your goals daily.

11 ~ FINAL Reason – we as people drastically over estimate how much progress and results we think we should see in 90 days while at the same time underestimate how much we can get done in 1 year….think about if you just committed to 1 year of a healthy lifestyle 100% all in how much progress you could make.

I could list 100 other things like, foam rolling, mobility, micronutrients; hormones and so on all of which are real reasons people struggle to see results.

But for the vast majority of people the 11 things above are the biggest culprits of your success.

My quick advice –

Get a coach and a community of people that gives a sh*t about you, knows your name, knows what you want to do and is never too busy to chat with you.

Get on a workout program that can actually help you get better. That doesn’t mean showing up to a group exercise class over packed with 50 people or more, doing dangerous high intensity jumping exercise for 45-60 minutes straight (with little to no guidance) – that won’t make you better and overtime it will actually make you worse.

Track your macros using myfitness  pal and have a coach review it with you, get a coach who is educated to give you feedback.

Find stuff you love to do – bike, hike, swim, run, golf, play basketball ….whatever your thing is get lost in the fun and play aspects of fitness.  

Plan and prepare for each day and each week based on how much travel, work, and social obligations you have.

I could go on and on but you get the point……

If you need help message me here or reach out to our team. We are here to help you truly get fit and healthy….. not to just get you sweaty and tired.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

P.S. ~ Saturday 8am & 9am come crush it with me just $10 at the door and stick around and pick my brain with any questions you have I am here to help you beyond just the workout.

Jeremy Scott ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness

Make Success Mandatory Author

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