Men’s Health Jeremy Scott Fitness Workouts

Men’s Health Jeremy Scott Workouts ~Jeremy Scott Fitness 

Hey guys I went and put together a collection of a bunch of videos I created with Men’s Health. You can find them listed below broken down into categories for easy use.

Including the full “Action Hero Jacked” Workout Program – see below 

Now I don’t have access to every video I have filmed with Men’s Health but this is a healthy start. Any questions as always just ask and enjoy. If you give any of these videos a try I would love to hear your feedback on how difficult or easy they were and any time intervals you try send me your finsh or PR times. 


MetaShred Face Melters  – Men’s Health 

Die Hard Delts Shoulder Workout – Click Here 

Continous ABS Ladder Workout – Click Here 

Paired Pullups Workout – Click Here 

5-Minute Fat Loss Flow Workout – Click Here 

12-Minute Back & Abs Workout –Click Here 

Mini-Band Meltdown Workout – Click Here 


Men’s Health Fully Loaded Workouts 

Fatloss Face Melter Workout – Click Here 

Superman Shoulder Wokout – Click Here 

Eccentric Insanity Workout – Click Here 

Unleash Your Arms Workout – Click Here 


Action Hero Jacked Full Workout Program -Men’s Health 

Action Hero Jacked Mobility Workout – Click Here 

Action Hero Jacked Back & Biceps Workout – Click Here 

Action Hero Jacked Chest & Triceps Workout – Click Here 

Action Hero Jacked Legs Workout – Click Here 

Action Hero Jacked Metabolic Workout – Click Here 


Enjoy guys and let me know if you give one of all of these a try. 

Until next time eat well, train hard, be nice to people and please keep doing shit you love with people you enjoy your life is too short not to! 

Jeremy Scott ~ Men’s Health 

Jeremy Scott Fitness ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

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