Athlete Spotlight Brent Orm

Athlete Spotlight Brent Orm – Jeremy Scott Fitness

What brought you to Jeremy Scott Fitness and how long have you been a member?

Four plus years…My son attended a basketball clinic at the old JSF location. As I watched him practice, I looked around and thought this would be a cool place to work out, so I called Jeremy and signed up. Honestly, I just wanted to do the ropes, just like the contestants on Biggest Loser.


How did you feel at the beginning when you joined?

Ho-Hum…I had started and stopped exercising so many times that sub-consciously; I was probably thinking that this would be another six to eight week flame out.


How do you feel now?



What have you accomplished since working with Jeremy Scott Fitness?

I grew up as a junk food junkie…Fast food multiple times per day, snacks at Circle-K. My first step after joining JSF was to eliminate French Fries when ordering at the drive thru (Have you seen the calories in McDonald’s French Fries), then over time, I eliminated fast food, peanut butter cups, cut back on my bread, gave up my 4 to 6 daily Diet Cokes, etc. (I was a poster boy for bad eating) I could not do it all at once, but as Jeremy reminds us, keep taking steps in the right direction. Now my steps involve paying attention to Macros and trying to move up on the leader board(s) at JSF.


Over the years, my weight has remained constant, but I am changing the make up of my body. Decreasing inches in my waist and increasing inches in my chest and arms etc. The two biggest changes that I have noticed are more energy. I was in a constant battle with fatigue…Eat fast food; crash, and then compensate it with Diet Cokes to make it thru the day. More focus and clear headed which I have seen direct positive results in family and business.


In one word how would you describe Jeremy Scott Fitness?



What advice do you have for others?

Push and Challenge Yourself. Look around at other JSF members that are achieving the results that you desire and mimic them. Mix it up…make it a game…try to lift more weight (add five more pounds next time you pick up the dumb bells, you just might surprise yourself)


What’s your favorite quote?

Always Hustle



Your dedication and hard work has paid off! Your mindset to get better everyday is an inspiration to everyone here at JSF! We look forward to seeing more records broken by you in the near future!!!

-Team Jeremy Scott Fitness


-Make Success Mandatory-

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