Nobody Can Do It Alone

Quick simple message for anyone out there in the middle of a storm, or looking to make some major life changes. 

Nobody makes it alone….nobody!

When I wanted to start this business (Jeremy Scott Fitness) over 10 years ago, my wife deep down was scared sh*tless but believed in me. 

Heather supported my decision to leave the corp. world knowing that a failure on my part would negatively impact her too.

Even when my mom & dad questioned my direction, they supported me.

My best friend of over 25 years thought I would crush it from Day 1. 

The truth is that we may choose our own path in life.

Our actions determine our outcomes plain and simple. 

However, without a support system in place – it’s much, much harder to stay the course and see things through especially when the times get tough.

So, in that light I am lucky.

I also went out and surrounded myself with winners, positive humans, who have gratitude and love to work hard.

This is crucial to have a strong inner circle you not only supports you but challenges you and pushes you to be better day after day. 

We can all need people to support us, and if you are in a struggle to find some support reply to this blog let me see if I can help. 

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people….and PLEASE keep doing s*hit you love with people you enjoy your life is too short not to. 

Jeremy Scott Fitness ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

Make Success Mandatory ~ 86,400 

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