Why Youth Strength & Conditioning?

Why Youth Strength and Conditioning?

This week is the first JSF Youth Strength and Conditioning Camp that I
will be running and I’m super excited to be starting this new journey.

I thought I would let you know why I have decided to work with the youth
and what drives me!

The number one reason I decided to work with the youth is the potential
they all have. I’m not just talking about in sports, but in life in
general. They are so young and are learning so much and I just want to be
a part of their journey.

Now getting more into sports, I personally have played basketball at the
collegiate level and worked at two universities working with their
athletes in the weight room and one of the main components is Strength and
Conditioning. From my own experience I have learned that most kids have
not been taught proper technique for drills and exercises, which can
enhance risk of injury and overall effect athletic output.

My goal is to ensure that every kid learns proper technique in all of the
exercises and drills we perform so it can be more applicable to their
sports. Also, I want to teach them the lifelong skill of being active.
More importantly how to being active safely for as long as possible.

I have a passion for kids and just want to help them reach their goals no
matter what Whether that’s being a professional athlete, teacher, or

So until next time …do something active and keep being awesome!

Jacob T. McLaughlin, NSCA CSCS & CPT ~ Head Youth Fitness Coach 

Jeremy Scott Fitness

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