Being Healthy is a Choice

Being healthy is a choice

Being healthy is a choice…..So is being unhealthy.

Which fork in the road are you going down?

You decide what you are every day with your actions. 

It’s no different for me than it is for you. 

If you want amazing results, you decide every day through your effort, your workouts, your nutrition and your recovery. 

You wear your choices both internally & externally.

It’s really that black & white.

You get to decide how this story plays out.

This is the crucial place to begin.

Taking real responsibility for how you eat, train and live.  

STOP blaming other people & outside circumstances.

When you take responsibility you are in control. 

When you don’t then you’re a victim.

It’s your body you are the only one in control.

If you’re playing the victim STOP TODAY!

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people. 

Jeremy Scott ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

Make Success Mandatory Author 


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