2 Facts….

2 Facts…

Your current body and life are a result of your life choices up this point.

Your future body and future life will be a result of the choices you make moving ahead.

It might be tough to hear that but as they say the truth hurts.

Making changes and transforming your life takes an enormous amount of consistency, effort, energy, sacrifice and patience.

It starts with making small daily changes to your rituals, habits, and routine.

You begin to focus on the little things you can control…

How you spend your time?

How you spend your money?

What success truly means to you?

How often you wish to workout?

What types of foods you eat?

Do you track your macros daily?

The friends you surround yourself with.

Do you invest in coaching?

What books are your consuming?

How you create your schedule.

How fast you execute.

And a million other little things YOU CONTROL daily.

If you want a better body, better paycheck, better relationship, a better life you know it starts with you and your choices.

That should be amazing news to you…. because you are in control.

You don’t need anyone’s “ok” “say so” “permission” or “approval” to make a change right now.

You can literally after reading this implement small little or massive huge changes right away.

Now that you know the facts…what’s it going to be?

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

Jeremy Scott ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

Make Success Mandatory Author 

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