Being an Introvert my Greatest Gift

Being an Introvert my Greatest Gift…. 

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So, what is an introvert really?  

Per the Urban Dictionary definition…. 

“An introvert prefers to spend time alone in order to recahrd their inner being. An introvert may appear to be shy to others, but that is not necessarily an accurate label.

Being among groups of friends, family and even strangers can be wonderfully stimulating and joyous occasions.

Interacting with people and attention to multiple sources of stimuli tends to drawn down an introvert’s energy causing them to eventually withdraw to spend time alone to re-energize. Small talk and pointless conversations tend to draw down an introvert’s energy rapidly.” 

For anyone who really knows me knows I am introvert through and through. 

I dive deep into it on this podcast CLICK HERE to listen. I talk about not just being an introvert in an extrovert celebrated world but how I turned what people once thought was a weakness into my greatest gift. 

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Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people. 

Jeremy Scott 

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