How You Spend Your Time

How You Spend Your Time….

86,400 seconds in the day……. that’s why I wear it on my shirts to remind me of how precious our life time is!

The average American lives just under 30,000 days… 

If you’re 26 you have about 20,000 days left…. 

If you are 54 you have about 10,000 days left….

I just wanted to remind you every 86,400 you get is a gift

30,000 days get dropped into your life bank account….

You can invest them into traveling, 
You can invest them into family,
You can invest them in being healthy,
You can invest them into a job you love,

You can also spend them negative, 
You can spend them being un-happy,
You can spend them on a job you hate,
You can spend them being out of shape,

We are all gifted time on this earth….

But how we go about spending that time makes our life either average or epic. 

If you don’t like how you are spending your 86,400 -YOU CAN CHANGE IT! 

Don’t spend your life settling for NOT having a body, a family, a job you truly want. 

Invest each 86,4000 in what you want to do both personally and professionally.

Surround yourself with those who lift you up, believe in you, and make you better.

Invest in yourself, your health, your education, and your happiness it’s the best investment you can make.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people!

Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness ~

Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~

Make Success Mandatory Author ~ 86,400 

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