5 Lessons That Kids Learn from Sports

5 Lessons That Kids Learn from Sports


Guest Post from our Lead Youth Coach Jacob McLaughlin.


I absolutely love sports! Some of my best memories were from playing all the different ones when I was a kid. They’re fun to play, get you active, and let you learn some valuable life lessons!


5 Lessons That Kids Learn from Sports:


1. Hard Work: If you want something in life you’re going to have to make sacrifices that others may not be willing to do.


2. Practice your craft: No matter what sport it was, if you wanted to get better you had to practice. This is the same in anything you want in life. If you want to get better at anything you have to put in the time.


3. Team Work: A lot of the sports are team sports. When can teach kids how to rely on others knowing during competition.


4. Leadership: How to encourage, pick up, and educate others. There’s so many opportunities in sports to be a leader. You never have to be the most talented to be a leader.


5. Losing: this is the toughest part, but knowing you’re not going to win every game/contest. When you lose, you regroup, make corrections, and prepare for the next game.


I’m so thankful for the valuable lessons sports taught me at a young age. I’ve been able to use these lessons in almost all areas of my life. So until next time …do something active and keep being awesome!

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