9 Reasons You MUST Stay Active

9 Reasons You MUST Stay Active

Quick rundown today of 9 Reasons You MUST Stay Active, now we could have came up with 900 but these 9 will do.

Also, if you want to give this a listen instead of reading them over we did a podcast recording of these where I dive into much greater detail CLICK HERE to listen to 9 Reasons You MUST Stay Active.

Or check them all out below here…

1 – Being Fit, Healthy and Happy is Cool – you become a walking, talking billboard of inspiration to everyone who sees you. You are a role model to your inner circle, husband, wife, kids, friends, family and hundreds if not thousands of other people you don’t even know. The cascade affect of you being healthy goes far beyond what you can imagine.


2 – Because not working, training and staying active is the ultimate disrespect to yourself. When you waste the gift because that is exactly what it is “a gift” you are essentially saying “FUCK YOU” to yourself, your body, your life and the quality of it. It’s a tattoo both internal and external that you don’t really like yourself or give a shit about what happens to the future you.


3 – If things are important to you and you value you, then you make time for them regardless…. You wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth or wiping your ass daily…why? Because you value it and you know the negative impact of skipping those things has on your life….being active and working out must be placed on the same pedestal….or even higher.


4- Because father time is always working its magic against us. Every single one us is going to become older, softer and wrinkled….that’s just the game time plays. If you don’t get active and more importantly stay active, you’re going to get fatter, weaker, uglier and become less mobile….and to me that flat out sucks. I want to be as strong, healthy, fit and mobile as possible until they put me in the fucking dirt….Why wouldn’t you want the same?


5- Being active is as close as many of us will get to becoming Superhero’s….. no matter if you’re a Bruce Wayne Batman, Clark Kent Superman, Steve Rogers Captain America or a Tony Stark Ironman fan …… what do they all have in common? They are all in amazing shape…. Why not join the group?


6 – It’s the most effective, therapeutic, and cheapest form of “therapy” you will find on the planet. It’s also way safer than popping in Benzos, Xanax, and the various types of anti-depressants physicians jam down people’s throats. The natural high, release and sense of accomplishment and energy you feel pre, intra, and post workout can’t be matched by drugs…..trust me on that, I have done both.

7 – When you become active and train regularly, you will become a sexier version of yourself….you just do. Odds are you will even have better sex and if you’re not hitched already, you might even have better sex with sexier more attractive people….sold on being active yet?


8 – You’ll age better…. Have you seen old people who train? I am sure you’ve seen those who don’t, but you have also seen people who are old as hell training and the crazy thing is they looked 10-15-20-25 years younger physically. I am talking about the bas ass older folks who look years and years younger and move like gangsters.On the flip side, have you seen old people who don’t train? Not many of them are left as they tend to leave this life faster than the fit ones. And the ones who remain walk around like zombies or rather mummies…they are shells of their former selves just waiting to kick the bucket. I say this all the time…even if you didn’t live one second longer due to you being active (which I can almost promise you that you will) if the duration of life wasn’t extended, the quality of it will be enhanced by a trillion %. That alone is worth it to be active daily.


9 – Because YOU CAN –because not training is like saying fuck you to your body and all its gifts…it’s a miracle you’re alive and a human and a human who is healthy…. The fact that you are even a human and likely have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 arms, 2 legs, lungs, a heart, and a brain that allows you to skip, crawl, run, hike, bike, swim, and jump is a miracle it truly is.


Because the hard reality and truth of it is that right now, this very second, there are thousands of people who are sick, broken, and stuck in a hospital bed, wheel chair, or hooked up to machines – going through chemo –waiting for organ transplants just to breathe another day and every fucking one of them is laying there wishing they could train.


They would trade places with you in a second to go for a hike, do a cannon ball, ride a bike, shoot some hoops, or even push sleds or crank out some assault bikes cals…..just because they can.


You owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, your co-workers and the thousands of people who can’t do what you can do… you owe it to all of them to give it all you fucking got today… and everyday after that.


Take these to heart and don’t waste the gift of health and movement because I can promise you if it was gone tomorrow you would have a tremendous amount of regret that you didn’t do more when you had the chance.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness

Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~ Make Success Mandatory

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