Building A Life You Want

Building the Life You Want

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Some people say that this whole concept is a fantasy and a fairy tale…

They say……“You can’t build the life you want!!”

…They blame genetics, their parents, geographical location, financial situation, the economy and president whatever…. They have the victim mentality forever.

So, real talk …… STOP with the victim mentality.

You CAN build the Life You Want or your Ideal Life.

Now, you can’t just ‘have’ your Life.

Nobody is going to come hand it to you; it won’t show up at your front door in 2 days…. Meaning you can’t order your fucking dream life off amazon prime.

Like all great things in life worthwhile it takes time…

Amazing bodies, careers, relationships and lives are earned, built and created…. Not given.

So what’s your dream, perfect ideal life?

Well, let’s start with what it’s not…and reverse engineer from there.

… It’s probably not just lying on a beach sipping drinks all day

… It’s probably not you living in a 3 million dollar home

…It’s probably not you trying to have abs 365 days a year

…It’s also probably not you driving around in a Lambo

Well, Jeremy those things sound great…. And in theory they all are.

…However, all of those things mentioned require a great amount of time, effort, energy, and most of them money to maintain for any decent amount of time.

For many of you the juice probably isn’t worth the squeeze. Meaning you aren’t willing to sacrifice the amount of time and take on the stress to get and keep things…. so they probably aren’t in your ideal life plan…maybe they are but most likely not.

The stress far outweighs the reality of the “dream.”

I don’t know how to build something great that doesn’t require a crazy amount of hard work. I’m not sure I know anyone that does.

So if that’s not a “dream” Life, what is?

First…an dream Life is one that allows you to work with the people want to work with…as most of us spend over 40 plus hours a week with these humans.

You should be spending your “free” time with people who lift you up and make your life better, not negative people who drag you down.

So that’s the ‘human element’ of building your amazing life.

When it comes to the ‘what you do’ part of building your Life.

The job, career, vocation, your business your craft you decide what you want to do…. This is the “shit you love part” … the things you enjoy doing daily.

There’s no ‘one-size-fits all’ path….not even for me.

If you want to work for a non-profit

If you want to work for a fortune 500

If you want to be an entrepreneur.

If you want to work from home or at an office.

If you want to travel a lot of hardly travel at all.

You decide.

Knowing who you are and what you need from a career, be it money, vacation time, creativity, security, risk, internal fulfillment…. only you know what fills your cup…this is where self-awareness if crucial…know who the fuck you really are.

For most people it all comes down to Lifestyle vs. Income or the balance between the two.

If you want more income…you focus more on being a producer, taking on more responsible, more hours and more stress…usually the higher stress you can handle the more money you can make…. not always…. but almost always.

If you want weekends off, if you want to binge watch Netflix weeknights, join 3 kickball leagues …than you might have to sacrifice on the income part.

You the choice is 100% on you…

Just know you are not a victim.

Your life and your happiness are a direct product of your choices.

So when someone tells you that you can’t have your Ideal bad ass life, what they’re really telling you is that you’re not capable of making good choices and following through to make them a reality.

I say fuck that….

Your life and the happiness In it is a reflection of what you want. The impact you want to have. The life you want to lead.

Building your ideal career, body, relationship, life aren’t easy… in fact its hard as fuck to do…. but why would you settle for anything less?

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

Jeremy Scott Fitness

Scottsdale Personal Trainer

Make Success Mandatory Author

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