CBD Health Benefits ~ My 2 Cents

CBD Health Benefits? My 2 Cents


CBD Oil, CBD Balm, CBD Products ….. what are the benefits?


Here is my 2 cents… I have been using CBD for about the past 6-12 months in both liquid and balm forms for various reasons.


I am not a CBD expert but I have been diving head first into learning about the numerous benefits of it both via reading, networking with brand makers, and using it myself daily.


I have been taking the liquid nightly to help aid in sleep and stress relief and using the balm on my soft tissue/ muscles to help with inflammation.


I linked up with the guys at Beam- to test our their THC FREE CBD – so it’s 100% safe for any athletes, executives or anyone else looking to try CBD with zero psychoactive effects (meaning their CBD products won’t get you high)


They have taken the time to remove every trace amount of THC so it’s 100% free.


Everything they have done in terms of the product quality meets the highest standards in terms of product quality/farming partnership.

There are two types of CBD in the market. Isolate and Full Spectrum. Isolate is just CBD and known to be inferior to Full Spectrum Oil (full spectrum includes flavonoids, lipids, terpenes, etc).

The problem is, MOST (almost all) Full Spectrum products have trace amounts of THC in them. Beam found it crucial to bring a FULL SPECTRUM THC FREE product to market.

They work with their farming partners to have all the THC removed while keeping a full spectrum product.


After reading if you are interested CLICK HERE and pick up any products from them for 20% off because you are a Jeremy Scott Fitness athlete. My gift to you guys if you are curious.


If you want to hear more about it I did a quick podcast on the Jeremy Scott Fitness podcast you can listen by clicking here.


So, why have I been taking CBD? And what are the benefits?


For me personally the two biggest reasons I have been taking CBD are for:


The Anti-inflammatory Benefits of CBD…


Cannabinoids have been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect in recent studies. “CBD engages with the endocannabinoid system in many organs throughout the body, helping to reduce inflammation systemically. The therapeutic potential is impressively wide-ranging, as inflammation is involved in a broad spectrum of diseases.”

Like I said have been rubbing the balm on any and all soft tissue (muscle) areas to help alleviate inflammation in hopes of speeding up the healing process after hard training sessions.

Also for the sleep aid benefits as well help with anxiety and stress….


To me getting to sleep and staying asleep is crucial for recovery, and to be creative, have energy and get after it each day. I also notice when I do have more stress and worries that is what tends to keep me up or wake me up at night, so taking liquid CBD has been my go-to pre-bed time routine this past 6 months.

“The oral use of cannabis and CBD for anxiety appears in a Vedic text dated around 2000 BCE,[238] and it is one of the most common uses of the plant across various cultures. While THC can increase anxiety in some patients, it lowers it in others. However, CBD effects have been shown to consistently reduce anxiety when present in higher concentrations in the cannabis plant. On its own, CBD has been shown in a number of animal and human studies to lessen anxiety. The stress-reducing effect appears to be related to activity in both the limbic and paralimbic brain areas.”

Now there are numerous other benefits listed out there I found which are…

Pain Management – Sleep Disorders – Depression/Mood Disorders – Protect Heal Skin – Help with Bone Disease …

But these are the main 2 reasons I have been diving into the world of CBD. As it’s non-addictive and a much more natural route to improve sleep and decrease stress compared to many of the hard core addictive prescription drugs out there.

If you guys have further questions please shoot me a message and if you are interested in learning more or picking some up CLICK HERE and grab anything in the store for 20% off for being a Jeremy Scott Fitness Athlete.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness

Scottsdale Personal Trainer


Resources – beamtlc.com ~ webmd ~ healthline – conscious lifestyle mag – CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis–Healing without the High

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