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Knowing the difference between a “gym” and a legit “coaching program” matters….if you want to hear me dive deep into this topic click here and listen to my recent podcast. 

It matters in your results, your education, your cost and return on your time and $ investment.

I think sometimes people get confused with quantity or quality, in fact I think most people in fitness get this confused.

I hear things like –

“I can do unlimited (insert yoga, Pilates, group exercise etc) for $99 a month where I am currently at”

Side Note- If unlimited access to fitness programs was the best solution/value to being in shape we would have solved the obesity issues years ago….more exercise does not mean better exercise…and frankly for 99% of people is NOT the answer.


“Well my gym has a rock climbing wall, juice bar, hair salon etc”

(all things that really provide zero value to your results)

But does your current gym & trainer ….

Actually coach you?

Program training sessions for you?

Hold you accountable?

Provide feedback on movements, mobility, and nutrition?

Do they educate you on all the pillars of fitness?

Do they make you better as an overall athlete and person?

Actually coaching someone requires a well thought out system and time.

It takes a coach who puts in the hours studying and working their craft to make you better.

Does your gym or current program “walk the walk” as they say?”

I see tons of programs and “trainers” all the time beating people up making them super tired and sore…eventually leading to injury.

But just making people tired and sore is easy a 9 year old kid can do that for you just climb trees and run around in circles with them for hours, you will be tired and sore but it won’t make you better or bring you closer to your goals.

Most programs I see fall into 2 spaces –

It’s a gym where you are renting equipment you don’t really know how to use with zero coaching or help with your programming/education/nutrition/ mobility etc.


It’s a ‘trainer” prescribing unsafe super high impact high pace workouts that no human can truly do with any major intensity including the trainer just to get people hot, sweaty and tired so they can be sore for a few days.

My 2 cents – you have to practice what you preach and it must show.

As coaches we must be true lifelong leaners and masters at our craft of both fitness and coaching.

That is what I strive to do daily, I live this life 24/7/365 so I can better understand, relate, and educate you to be better not just “sore, tired and confused”

If you need more help than your current gym or coach is giving reach out to me I promise no question will go unanswered working with me.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

Jeremy Scott ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer

Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast  

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