Wash Rinse Repeat Podcast

Wash Rinse Repeat Podcast 

Wash Rinse Repeat for Success….


Recently had chat with one of our athletes about staying on track and being focused on his goals. You can listen to the full podcast on it in great detail by clicking here.


What I told him is what I tell you guys if you are struggling with your eating.



There are only two ways it can go —- forward or backwards….. There is no such thing as maintaining or staying the same.


Follow these 5 steps and you will be successful in your eating.


  1. Being mindful of every meal you eat…asking yourself will this food make me healthier or unhealthier.


  1. Plan & Prep what you can for the day or the week based on your goals and travel/social schedule.


  1. Put yourself in situations to be successful if your sucker for happy hour you need to pick your spots wisely and being wiling to skip a few here and there if you want to reach your goals.


  1. Make it matter more than almost anything. …Meaning make healthy eating and valuing how you look, move and feel daily more than just about anything else in your life. At the end of the day without our health, what do we really have?


  1. Put steps 1-4 into play daily and just fu*king do it…or a better way phrase just wash-rinse-repeat.


Consistently doing these 1-5 steps will bring you long-term health and success in your eating.


It’s not magic, it’s not sexy, it’s not fancy but it’s the only thing that works.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.


P.S. – One thing that helps me feel better and have more energy daily is taking athletic greens click here and grab 20 free packs with order one. 1 scoop ensures I get all my micronutrients for the day and cover any gaps I might miss in my daily eating.


If you have any questions on food, nutrition, athletic greens or otherwise hit reply I am happy to answer them.

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