Master of Failure

Master of Failure


I am a master of failure guys; I have literally failed at just about everything in my life the first time round. I was never really naturally good at anything be it sports, school, business, relationships you name it I failed at them a lot….


Anyone who says they haven’t failed miserably at something is either lying to you or just coasting through life not even remotely scratching the surface of their potential to know what they are capable of.


Failure is a real, genuine, authentic thing that happens along the way to success, it’s the greatest motivator and educator for many of us. I know it has been for me…. without all my past failures and fuck ups I wouldn’t be the doing what I am doing today.


So, the take away is: If you are in the middle of a life shit storm right now just know it will pass and you will be even more that bad ass when you come out the other side.


It’s hard to see that when your in it, but trust me all the times I thought my failures buried me later on I realized they really just planted me to grow into the version of the person I am today…I have a feeling it will be the same for you.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

~ Jeremy Scott ~

Jeremy Scott Fitness ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

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