15 Finance Truths

15 Finance Truths ~ New Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast

We are talking $$$$….

I made this podcast to help educate, inform and shed some light on the realities of money. CLICK HERE to listen. 


I grew up like many of you “broke”!

I know the stress, anxiety and tension small-unexpected expenses can cause a family when money is scarce.


Money won’t make you happy and money doesn’t change who you are and I would never tell you to focus solely on the pursuit of it. But money can buy you a sense of security, certainty and free time if you use it wisely.

I am not a financial advisor, broker or a “money guy” just a dude who packed up his car over 10 years ago to move across the country with a negative net worth and just under $2,500 in cash to survive on.

As I type this today I have more money than I ever thought would be possible for a guy like me.

I am not claiming to be some financial genius I am far from it, and I am not writing this to brag about how amazing I am because I am not amazing.

I am merely a dude who worked hard and did the little things right for many years along the way.


Click HERE give it a listen and maybe it can help you change your financial future or help give you hope if you’re struggling with budgeting and debt today enjoy!


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.  

Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast

Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~ Jeremy Scott 

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