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Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast: Episode The Cost of Being Lean

Ok guys this is a gem for anyone no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Now I am playing off an old blog post that Precision Nutrition and Dr. John Berardi put out with a pretty legit info graphics in stages of being lean.


CLICK HERE to listen to my full 50 plus minute episode on the topic.


There is a price to pay for being in good-great-phenomenal shape and for many of at certain stages the juice might not be worth the squeeze.


I will let you make the call for yourself after you give the episode a deep listen.


My hope was to simple educate you guys and tell the truth about how hard it is to live in certain body fat ranges 365 days per year.


I wouldn’t change it for the world living and eating the way I do, but my lifestyle while it works for me might not be ideal for everyone.


Give the episode of full listen HERE and please share with any friends, family, co-workers on a fitness journey who you think this might help. I also welcome any feedback and or questions you might on your own personal fitness journey to get lean and stay lean.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.


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