Perspective & Gratitude

Perspective & Gratitude is the game always has been always will be…


As the saying goes “if we all threw our problems in a pile and saw all the shit everyone else is dealing with we’d grab ours back pretty quick.


We all have problems to deal with, we all have obstacles, struggles, and adversity we must fight through… that’s just life.


And when we are in the middle of our own “storms” we often times think we have it the worst, we say things like “why me” and think to ourselves there is no end in sight.


The good news if you are reading with your struggles haven’t defeated you yet, you are still here kicking, fighting, and moving forward.


The take away: if you are fortunate enough to have the gift of sight to be able to read this on a $1000 phone that streams Internet in seconds, while you sip a $5 coffee from the luxury of your car, your home, or your place of employment…. just know your doing better than a few other billion people out there right now.


Again perspective and gratitude is real….


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness

Make Success Mandatory ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer


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